Saturday, August 18, 2012

This issue must be discussed, NOW.

Family Guy must die!!!
Okay this is an important issue, so I'll be blunt. Family Guy sucks! Oh, you disagree? You suck too. Just kidding... No I'm not. Family Guy is exactly the same as The Simpsons, except they're white instead of yellow, their dad is fatter, stupider, and more obnoxious, their baby and dog can talk, and THEY'RE BIG FAT LYING, IDEA STEALING STUPID CARTOONS THAT ONLY STUPID PEOPLE LIKE... Hey, if you don't like it, don't look at it, honey. Family Guy can't come up with their own ideas, so they take ideas from The Simpsons, make it more inappropriate and more annoying, and call it a television show. Gosh, I hate that show.
Giggity vs. Diddly
Quagmire vs. Flanders. Giggity vs. Diddly. Coincidence? I don't diddly ding dong think so. Family Guy might be able to copy The Simpsons and get away with it, but I'll be damned if they think they can try and copy Ned! Okay, let's get things straight here. Ned, is a good, christian, hot guy. Duh. And Quagmire, well, the last episode I saw (and will ever watch of Family Guy) Quagmire just discovered internet porn. So what do you ding dong doodly think of that? But my point is, Quagmire is a cheap, paper thin, animation interpretation of my diddly darling Ned. Quagmire's gonna burn in hell. The End.

 Ew, ew, ew...

Ah, much better...

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