Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello again guys! (its Blair)
  I just felt like talking about Marge.
  now i dont know if any of you like her but personaly i hate her, she's just so annoying! first of all that voice, ok seriously why? why in the world does she have to have that voice? i mean seriously why? its just so annoying, and scrachy. And then her hair and let me just ask againg why? Why in the world does she have to have that hair? Who honestly needs that much hair? its like 2 feet high, and why's it blue? (and yes i do understand that that is kinda like the whole point of the show but still...) yah and honestly i feel like if i say any thing else it will just be like completly made up (like the fact that marge seems really whiny and needy) but yah so if you have any simpsons character that just absolutly annoys you just put it in the comments!!! thanks! :) <3

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