Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sigh. It's me. Naomi. Again. I know. I am posting way too much tonight, but I'm bored and passionate about The Simpsons, so let's talk more crap about Edna. 

I only like this picture because Ned is mad at Edna. That's it. Edna looks like a ... there's several words I could use, pick any one you like. Rod and Todd look... weirder than usual. (Sigh that happens a lot in the new episodes) and just the thought of Ned being married to Edna makes me hate that tuxedo. Ugh, stupid tuxedo. So really, all I can say is, ew Edna, ew.

Haha bloody Nedna! 

Oh I also read something online that is sort of a conspiracy theory that I'm going to buy into to give me hope. 

I heard that the whole "Vote Nedna" was a total ploy to get people to tune in for the 23rd season premier, and that if you voted it didn't honestly count. Which would mean, America, you're not stupid (I'm so happy!!!) and the producers and writers of The Simpsons are going to do whatever they want! Yay! Which means Ned and Edna might break up! Yay even more! Please be true, conspiracy theory, please.

Ya so anyway, Edna sleeps around a lot, Ned reserves himself for marriage and movie stars. That's the way the world works, honey. 

I love you, Ned!!!

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