Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot! So hot!!!
Okay, young Ned Flanders (episode Dangerous Curves) is the only guy I know who can pull off a mullet, and also look good in a mullet. I think he looks great, actually. So cute. Young Ned and Maude are so adorable!

Which leads us to our next subject... Maude! I miss her so much! Oh? You seem so surprised. Yeah, I was too, to be honest. How could I be sad that the love of my life's wife is dead? Well, because he went and got married to a b**** named Edna Krabappel, which I will discuss later. Anyway, Maude was pretty much a female version of Ned, but that's okay. I'm okay with Ned being married to himself. And they were probably the most attractive couple in Springfield, considering all the men thought Maude was hot, and c'mon, I know Ned is hot. So yeah, I do miss Maude. She made Ned so happy, which is really all that matters. But no, the writers had to kill her, so Ned could go on more "adventures." Which is fine, but now they're going to make him get married again because he's been single for too long? And you all voted for it, too, because you felt bad for them. You people make me sick!!! Guess what?! Not everybody gets remarried, geniuses!!! Okay, whatever. Let's move on to Edna...

Oh Edna. You've been such a delight all these years... No, I am serious. I love Mrs. K. But c'mon honey, you've been with every man in Springfield... at least twice. I mean, Comic Book Guy, Moe, the drummer from Aerosmith, Joey Kramer... oh, and Principal Skinner. But honey, no, don't go screwin' around with our Ned, 'kay? Honestly America, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you all a bunch of idiots, or just full of sad, stupid, romantics that, given the smallest amount of power, will take that power, and do the stupidest thing possible. To vote for something as important as Nedna and screw it up... Well I guess the election made that point too, actually...

And besides the fact that you guys have the cutest couple name ever (I mean Nedna, how cute is that one) you and Ned have nothing in common. Nothing. NOTHING!!! C'mon Edna, you know you love Skinner, even if you have to compete with his mother. Ned's heart belongs to a dead woman (Maude, not Blair. Ha ha! Kidding. Love ya, Blair!!!) Ahem, anyway, alright Edna, I will give you one season to prove to me that you and Ned are meant to be. I will be supportive of your relationship for one season, and if you totally bomb it (well, who knows what the writers are planning) then you are going to have a serious boycott on your hands. So there you go.
Ned forever!!!

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