Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heidy ho everyone! It's me again! Not really sure what the other Girlfriend is doing, but I've got to talk about the versatile issue known as Nedna. 

Currently, Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel are... ugh, married. They were dating but then, you know America had to vote on whether they should stay together or not and of course America said yes. Now it's not that I dislike Edna (she's awesome) but she obviously is meant to be with Principal Skinner. And of course I want Ned to find someone and live happily ever after! Mostly me, but whatever... But really America, really? Why Ned and Edna in the first place, anyway? Because they have a cute couple name? Oh c'mon!

Now I have watched The Nedliest Catch, where Ned and Edna first meet, I've watched it several times already, including last night, where I had a quite painful sort of kind of change of heart.

Ned and Edna aren't really that cute together, but I guess they're alright. I do like the part in that episode when Ned pulls of his shirt and says, "That's right, I'm down to my wife blesser." Instead of wife beater. It's cute and totally. And oh gosh, he is so HOT.

But you know what's not Ned? He tells Edna that he doesn't approve of "premarital sex." Now I am more than aware of that. But what I'm not aware of is when Ned decided to start saying sex in the first place. I've heard "premarital doodly doo," and "S- E- X," but I've never heard him just come out and say it. 

The Simpsons writers have almost completely changed Ned in ways I can't even begin to explain. But I can try to explain...

Okay, so Ned started off, Season 1, good neighbor that had everything that Homer wanted. Such as the very first episode when Homer's Christmas lights don't work. Ned's (of course) do. There also happens to be a Santa Claus on his roof. Which is totally fine. 

But as the show goes on, Ned becomes more religious (which is totally fine with me!) so I doubt he'd have a Santa Claus on his roof, in say, Season 14.

Season 14? I'm glad you brought it up! Episode "A Star Is Born Again" Ned begins dating superstar Sara Sloane and in the end they have s- e- x... (Again, this doesn't really bother me, because Ned needs to do something once in a while.) 

And now we come back to Edna. I don't want her to stay married to Ned, but I don't want them to both be unhappy, either. And if the writers brought in another character at this point, to be Ned's wife, I doubt she'd be that well received. 

And I guess stressing about Nedna won't do me much good at this point, anyway, since America already voted for them to stay together and "What our fans have joined together, let no writer tear asunder." came across the screen. 

Well let me just say America, I am a writer, and I do plan to tear asunder Nedna... okay, maybe not, but I'll be diddly darned if I don't try!

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