Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Must Love Ned Flanders

Here's the Second chapter of Must Love Ned Flanders!

Chapter Two
The Simpsons
“Hi there,” Homer Simpson tips his hat at me as he walks past me. Then I pass out again…
“Um, miss? Are you okay?” I wake up to Homer standing over me.
“Ahh!” I scream.
“Ahh!” he screams.
“Why are you screaming?” I ask as he helps me up.
“I dunno.” He shrugs. “So what’s your name?”
“Naomi Sanders.” I dust myself off.
“Nice to meet you,” Homer shakes my hand, “Well, I should probably go home now…Unless you’d like to come home for dinner.”
“Um,” I pause.
“Okay let’s go!” Homer drags me behind him…
“So what brings you to Springfield, Naomi?” Marge, Homer’s wife, asks me at dinner.
I sigh, “It’s a long story.”
They all look at me intently. So I try to figure out a way to explain everything that’s led me here in the simplest way possible, but that in itself is impossible.
“Okay, here’s the thing,” I sigh, “I’m not from here, I’m from Alabama. But not the Alabama you know, because I’m from another dimension. It’s like, exactly the same as this one, except that there’s a whole TV show about your family.” I look at them, “And that’s how I know who you all are.”
“Prove it.” Bart folds his arms.
“Let’s see,” I sit back, “How?”
“What year did Mom and Dad meet?” Lisa asks.
“1974.” I answer.
“Alright that’s enough,” Marge grumbles, “So our family has our own television show?”
I nod, “Well, it’s mostly about Homer.”
We all turn to look at the man with his hand stuck in the pickle jar.

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