Sunday, May 19, 2013

Did anybody else know it's the season finale today???

Hello, it's Naomi again!
Did anybody else just realize The Simpsons season finale is tonight? I sure didn't.. until right now.
Wow what a season it has been! I've been so busy lately, I should be hosting a party right now or something...
Well, we'll see if the season goes out with a bang... if not, you'll be hearing from me shortly...

What does this all mean?!?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Simpsons Episode "I expected more from," Review
by Blair *you don't need to know my last name*

Hello everyone, and welcome. Today's issue? This week's episode of The Simpsons called "Pulpit Friction"
Honestly, I was excited about this episode. A new priest, Homer becomes a deacon, yada yada yada. I was interested...
But then, I was a little dissapointed.
Okay, let's clarify a little. I'm Catholic *gasp* and I am still a dear fan of The Simpsons. But that really has nothing to do with anything.
Anyway, Catholic deacons where the same habits (are they called habits? I think so...) as the priests, well they look the same. But in this episode, Homer just where's a normal suit when he's a deacon. Yes I get that they'r PresbyLutheran, but I really wanted to see Homer in a clerical collar.

(I am also a fan of Reverend Lovejoy, I mostly just like his voice. Oh it's so deep! This has absolutely nothing to do with anything but I do enjoy episodes with him in them.)

Also, is anyone else getting tired of Nedna? I was never ever ever a supporter of it, but I wanted Ned to be happy. But honestly, I'm sooooo sick of seeing him with Edna. And they never actually do anything together, she's just there. Ugh. Can we please just bring Maude back from the dead???

Ok that's about all, so good night and happy Simpsoning!

Pulpit Friction

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day From Naomi and Blair!!!
Hope everyone had a good one!

Anyway... let's all give a big thank you to Jesus and... ttyl! I guess...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

 Not sure if we ever put up the link to our book Must Love Ned Flanders, but here it is!!!
New Episode of The Simpsons!!! (It's a good one)

Hello fans, Naomi here! I just saw the newest episode of The Simpsons, Black Eyed, Please, is what I think it was called.
It was about Ned Flanders, which is why I feel the need to blog about it.
Anyway, it's about Ned's parents basically liking Homer better than Ned. Ned gets pissed and punches Homer, which was hilarious! He then spends the rest of the episode trying to earn Homer's forgiveness... until he punches him again (which I did not expect! Haha!)
And poor Lisa finds a teacher that doesn't like her! (I can relate to that one..)
Anyway, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, except for the part where I remembered Edna is married to Ned...
Anyway, so yeah, go watch it my little Simpson Lovers!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey everyone it's Blair!!

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Other then that hey!! Have you guys been watching the Simpsons lately? They have been so good!!!  Anyway Naomi and I are going to be on here more now!! We have been trying but we have been moving the past month and had no Internet! I just about died!! So hope to talk to you soon bye!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey it's Naomi!

I love Simpsons... Just thought I'd clarify since its been so long... And Ned Flanders!

But we're going to change subjects to something non-simpsons related whatsoever.

Hot Guys:

My favorites?

Bon Jovi, Tim Tebow, Dick Clark (rest in peace *sob*) and Robert Herjavec!!!

Jon Bon Jovi (sexy singer)
Tim Tebow (former Bronco and very hot! I miss you, Tim!)
Robert Herjavec (shark on the show Shark Tank. Really hot rich guy. I love you!)

Dick Clark (Rockin New Year's Eve and stuff.. He died this year *sob* I miss him!)

These men are soooo hot to me! And no they are not "old" they are mature. *cough* Blair *cough*
Anyway, so there. Who are your favorite men?
Never mind, I don't care...