Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey it's Naomi!

I love Simpsons... Just thought I'd clarify since its been so long... And Ned Flanders!

But we're going to change subjects to something non-simpsons related whatsoever.

Hot Guys:

My favorites?

Bon Jovi, Tim Tebow, Dick Clark (rest in peace *sob*) and Robert Herjavec!!!

Jon Bon Jovi (sexy singer)
Tim Tebow (former Bronco and very hot! I miss you, Tim!)
Robert Herjavec (shark on the show Shark Tank. Really hot rich guy. I love you!)

Dick Clark (Rockin New Year's Eve and stuff.. He died this year *sob* I miss him!)

These men are soooo hot to me! And no they are not "old" they are mature. *cough* Blair *cough*
Anyway, so there. Who are your favorite men?
Never mind, I don't care...

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