Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey it's Naomi!

I love Simpsons... Just thought I'd clarify since its been so long... And Ned Flanders!

But we're going to change subjects to something non-simpsons related whatsoever.

Hot Guys:

My favorites?

Bon Jovi, Tim Tebow, Dick Clark (rest in peace *sob*) and Robert Herjavec!!!

Jon Bon Jovi (sexy singer)
Tim Tebow (former Bronco and very hot! I miss you, Tim!)
Robert Herjavec (shark on the show Shark Tank. Really hot rich guy. I love you!)

Dick Clark (Rockin New Year's Eve and stuff.. He died this year *sob* I miss him!)

These men are soooo hot to me! And no they are not "old" they are mature. *cough* Blair *cough*
Anyway, so there. Who are your favorite men?
Never mind, I don't care...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hey!! Its blair :)

So naomi and i have had some computer issues.... But were back now!!! :) so sorry for not posting forever!! :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey guys :) its blair :)

So this post has nothing to do with the simpsons....but about christmas....
Doesn't christmas start way to early?
In the middle of october they are already sellimg christmas decorations.....we had not even had halloween yet.
And then the day after thanksgiving(today) they already have all the christmas shows on.......
By the time christmas finally roles around everyones just sick of christmas....

Monday, November 19, 2012

HEY guys, its blair! :)

So i have recently really started to like grandpa Simpson!!
He's awesome!!
to bad he couldn't have run for the election...i would have voted for him!!!
He's just so cute!!!
I love him!!
And don't worry, unlike a certain other person on here i still love Ned! no one can replace him <3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

P.S. from Naomi...

And lovely Blair, if I'm the "stupid" one, then why am I the one that has to constantly go back and fix the grammatical errors in your posts?

Love ya,

 Naomi  :)

Hi its Blair, yes im just gonna write on Naomi's post, I dont feel like this deserves its own....

but you know that spelling is not my strongest thing...i suck at yup, i don't even know what your're going to have to fix in this , because it all looks right to me.... why does this thing not have spell check, that thing is like my whole life.... yeah, anyways

BYE!!! <3
Naomi here, my Simpsons darlings.

Yeah baby, we hit 1,000 page views!!!

Well we already passed it, but you know, it's never too late to be excited!

So in honor of passing 1,000 views, a toast!


So raise your glass and drink up!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

im back!!

Hello everyone!!! It's Blair :)

Apologies for not posting for like forever :)  been really busy (excuses excuses yes I know I'm sorry!!!!)

Anyway, so you must have heard recently that our dear (and incredbly stupid) Naomi is over Ned.... Personally I think she's crazy!! She's giving up to soon! I'm sure that Edna will die soon, shes old... I don't know, she is just giving up, she's too desperate! (no offense) Anyways just my thoughts on her craziness so yup :)

I'll try to post something soon :) Bye!!!
Attention! Attention! An important announcement from Naomi!
Well my darlings, it is official.
I think I got a thing for Reverend Lovejoy.
I'm sorry Ned!!!
(Man when Blair hears this, she's gonna be pissed...)
But Ned's all over Edna now, and I just can't stand it anymore!
I mean, sure <3 Timothy <3 has Helen (ugh) but I think I can live with that.
And yeah, it's no secret I have a... is the term fettish?
I don't know...
Anyway, it's no secret I have a "thing" for religious men, and well, can you get more religious than a pastor?
So in a nutshell, Ned will always have a special spot in my heart, but I think I might be moving on to Lovejoy.
I will, of course, keep you updated my little darlings!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moe Letter Blues
Season 21 episode 21

Summary: Homer, Reverend Lovejoy, and Apu get a letter from Moe saying he will steal one of their wives. They spend the episode looking back at intimate moments between Moe and their wives.

Helen Lovejoy: Is that a train in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Reverend Lovejoy: Both.

Haha love that episode!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pray Anything
Season 14
Episode 10

Not sure how this is gonna look, not a great video (sorry! It was all I could find!) but I love this episode sooo much!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello Simpsons fans! It's still me, Naomi, but you know what I just realized?

Tomorrow, October Seventh, is the Treehouse of Horror 23!!!! Yay Kang and Kodos!!! I'm all excited now!
This looks pretty good... Don't disappoint me now Simpsons!!!

Alrighty, let's do this!!!
Must Love Ned Flanders
By Naomi Flanders
Blair like posted the first chapter and expected me to post the rest I guess... *sigh* Well I'm not going to do that. If you want to read my AMAZING novel (haha!) then please click on the link below...
You can read it, and become a member of Booksie! (If you aren't already... Which you probably aren't...) And then you can leave nice little comments on my writing.
Please don't ignore this! Read the story! Encourage my hopes and dreams! PLEASE!!!
Thank You.

Hey look at all these page views!!! Yay people reading our blog! I love you guys! Over 300 page views last month! Not too shabby! Anyway, it is I, that sweet celestial simpsons voice of the internet, Naomi!

So... who watched the Simpsons season 24 premiere last weekend, raise your hands!
Haha... uh... awkward...

Well I did. I made hats and everything! This is my cat, Smokey. He looks happy, huh?

Anyway, so I watched the episode...
"Moonshine River" was the name. It was alright. Nothing special, though. I mean, they brought some old girlfriends back, which was entertaining, but y'know, besides that, it just didn't speak to me... Wait, was Ned in that episode?
... Oh yeah, he was! Because Homer sent those New Yorkers to Ned's house. Eh, not that impressive.

Yeah, so all in all, it could have been better. It could have been A LOT BETTER.

But the Simpsons is the Simpsons and I will love them no matter what!!!

So yeah, I'll watch tomorrow's episode as well (duh) and we'll see how that goes...

But if you asked me what I wanted in a Simpsons episode... Well...
1. Anything with Ned.
2. Ned and Edna. Show me they're made for each other! Go ahead, try to prove it to me.
3. Ned and Edna break up! That's the ticket. C'mon, it was a great promotional stunt, but it's over. Let's move on! Bring Maude back! Do something! Anything's better than Edna!

Haha... awkward...

So yeah.... That's my story, I'm sticking with it!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello hello hello my darling neighboreenos! It's me, your wonderful Naomi! Guess what this Sunday, September 30th, 2012, is!!! It is the Season Twenty Four (if I'm not mistaken... pretty sure I'm not) Simpsons Premiere!!! I insist you all watch (duh) because I know I will...

Anyway, I'm really excited about the season premiere, even though people are always like, "The Simpsons suck now, they were better before!" and "The Simpsons suck. I hope the show ends." and the worst of all "Family Guy is way better than the Simpsons." Those people need to get shot. Kidding...

Yeah, anyway, I don't care if The Simpsons aren't as good as they used to be, The Simpsons are The Simpsons and they always will be and I will support them no matter what.

Yeah so anyway, I'll be chilling at my house Sunday night, eating cheetos, watching The Simpons, and later, Breaking Amish, which is also an excellent show on TLC, but that's not why you're here.
Zooey Deschanel. Eh. She's a little too... whatever... for me. Yeah, I dunno, I just think she's overrated. And have you noticed that she has her own show on FOX, like New Girl or something, so they would probably have to pay her less to come on The Simpsons since they're on the same network. Just putting that out there...

Anyway, that's about it for now, but I'm sure you'll be hearing from me later on... after Sunday at 7 o'clock...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

we meet again my dear friend :) (its blair!!)

last month i posted something about how much i hate marge.... well i actually really like her now! shes really cool!! and sweet, shes grown on me :) yeah so if you see that post ignore it :) since i love her now! :)

though her hair still bugs the crap out off me.......................................................

Grandpa Simpson

hello!!!!!! im back!!! its blair! :)
i have recently devoloped a l<3ve for Grandpa Simpson :) he is so funny!! and hes soooooo cute! (like an old person not actually like cute cute) one of my favorite scences is when in the The Father, The Sun, And The Holy Guest Star, when he is hanging from the smoke detector :) if you havent seen that episode you need to watch it!! anyways i love him!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kang and Kodos
My favorite aliens!
By your ever lovely Naomi
Have you guys seen Kang and Kodos yet? If not, leave. Just leave right now...
 Anyway, Kang and Kodos are the beloved aliens of The Simpsons... I'm a huge Kodos fan, by the way...

Earth Capital.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

I love them so much!!!

Kang and Kodos forever!

The Simpsons
My favorite thing EVER
by Naomi

Can anybody read these? 'Cause I sure can't...
I love it! So dramatic, aw and look at Grampa in the window. Anyway, this is freaking awesome!
I love Coldplay, so this episode was quite enjoyable.
here you go

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hey everyone, it's Naomi here! I love this video from The Simpsons, but apparently, some people on YouTube disagree with me... You be the judge... but either way I'm right.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Are you freaking serious?! Let me guess, filmhill isn't as innocent as we thought it was a week ago, is it? How the heck are we getting people from all these porno sites? I honestly don't know!!! Okay, every time I click on one of our main traffic sites I end up regretting it... Honestly, why is this happening? So people that enjoy staring at private parts also love The Simpsons? Ew, ew, ew! Just stop! It's wrong and bad and dirty and what would your mother say if she saw what you're doing? So please, just stop or leave us, Ned Flanders Girlfriendz out of it. Honestly...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sigh. It's me. Naomi. Again. I know. I am posting way too much tonight, but I'm bored and passionate about The Simpsons, so let's talk more crap about Edna. 

I only like this picture because Ned is mad at Edna. That's it. Edna looks like a ... there's several words I could use, pick any one you like. Rod and Todd look... weirder than usual. (Sigh that happens a lot in the new episodes) and just the thought of Ned being married to Edna makes me hate that tuxedo. Ugh, stupid tuxedo. So really, all I can say is, ew Edna, ew.

Haha bloody Nedna! 

Oh I also read something online that is sort of a conspiracy theory that I'm going to buy into to give me hope. 

I heard that the whole "Vote Nedna" was a total ploy to get people to tune in for the 23rd season premier, and that if you voted it didn't honestly count. Which would mean, America, you're not stupid (I'm so happy!!!) and the producers and writers of The Simpsons are going to do whatever they want! Yay! Which means Ned and Edna might break up! Yay even more! Please be true, conspiracy theory, please.

Ya so anyway, Edna sleeps around a lot, Ned reserves himself for marriage and movie stars. That's the way the world works, honey. 

I love you, Ned!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm posting something else, I know I keep posting crap, sorry! Yes, and I'm going to go on about Maude Flanders some more too, so deal with it! Sorry, gosh. Sigh, I wish I was Maude...

I love this episode! (The one where child services sends the Simpson kids to live with the Flanders) Ned and Maude are such good parents (especially with Maggie!!!) So cute.

Haha, this is so funny! I love you, Krusty!

Somebody drew this picture (no idea who) but it's so good I had to put it up. Really sweet picture, whoever you are!!!

Oh, Rod and Todd are so cute when they're sad... Okay, sorry, random...
Okay this is so funny, I'm sorry... I'm sorry... C'mon, it's funny...

Okay, that's all... 

Oh wait, one more!!!
Aw, young Ned and Maude... and Homer and Marge, but Ned and Maude are really cute! Maude come back!!!

Okay, that's all...
Hot! So hot!!!
Okay, young Ned Flanders (episode Dangerous Curves) is the only guy I know who can pull off a mullet, and also look good in a mullet. I think he looks great, actually. So cute. Young Ned and Maude are so adorable!

Which leads us to our next subject... Maude! I miss her so much! Oh? You seem so surprised. Yeah, I was too, to be honest. How could I be sad that the love of my life's wife is dead? Well, because he went and got married to a b**** named Edna Krabappel, which I will discuss later. Anyway, Maude was pretty much a female version of Ned, but that's okay. I'm okay with Ned being married to himself. And they were probably the most attractive couple in Springfield, considering all the men thought Maude was hot, and c'mon, I know Ned is hot. So yeah, I do miss Maude. She made Ned so happy, which is really all that matters. But no, the writers had to kill her, so Ned could go on more "adventures." Which is fine, but now they're going to make him get married again because he's been single for too long? And you all voted for it, too, because you felt bad for them. You people make me sick!!! Guess what?! Not everybody gets remarried, geniuses!!! Okay, whatever. Let's move on to Edna...

Oh Edna. You've been such a delight all these years... No, I am serious. I love Mrs. K. But c'mon honey, you've been with every man in Springfield... at least twice. I mean, Comic Book Guy, Moe, the drummer from Aerosmith, Joey Kramer... oh, and Principal Skinner. But honey, no, don't go screwin' around with our Ned, 'kay? Honestly America, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you all a bunch of idiots, or just full of sad, stupid, romantics that, given the smallest amount of power, will take that power, and do the stupidest thing possible. To vote for something as important as Nedna and screw it up... Well I guess the election made that point too, actually...

And besides the fact that you guys have the cutest couple name ever (I mean Nedna, how cute is that one) you and Ned have nothing in common. Nothing. NOTHING!!! C'mon Edna, you know you love Skinner, even if you have to compete with his mother. Ned's heart belongs to a dead woman (Maude, not Blair. Ha ha! Kidding. Love ya, Blair!!!) Ahem, anyway, alright Edna, I will give you one season to prove to me that you and Ned are meant to be. I will be supportive of your relationship for one season, and if you totally bomb it (well, who knows what the writers are planning) then you are going to have a serious boycott on your hands. So there you go.
Ned forever!!!
This issue must be discussed, NOW.

Family Guy must die!!!
Okay this is an important issue, so I'll be blunt. Family Guy sucks! Oh, you disagree? You suck too. Just kidding... No I'm not. Family Guy is exactly the same as The Simpsons, except they're white instead of yellow, their dad is fatter, stupider, and more obnoxious, their baby and dog can talk, and THEY'RE BIG FAT LYING, IDEA STEALING STUPID CARTOONS THAT ONLY STUPID PEOPLE LIKE... Hey, if you don't like it, don't look at it, honey. Family Guy can't come up with their own ideas, so they take ideas from The Simpsons, make it more inappropriate and more annoying, and call it a television show. Gosh, I hate that show.
Giggity vs. Diddly
Quagmire vs. Flanders. Giggity vs. Diddly. Coincidence? I don't diddly ding dong think so. Family Guy might be able to copy The Simpsons and get away with it, but I'll be damned if they think they can try and copy Ned! Okay, let's get things straight here. Ned, is a good, christian, hot guy. Duh. And Quagmire, well, the last episode I saw (and will ever watch of Family Guy) Quagmire just discovered internet porn. So what do you ding dong doodly think of that? But my point is, Quagmire is a cheap, paper thin, animation interpretation of my diddly darling Ned. Quagmire's gonna burn in hell. The End.

 Ew, ew, ew...

Ah, much better...
Yes, it's Naomi... again. Me found shirts. Me want these shirts. Buy me them NOW. please.

Oh my gosh!!! Letters and Simpsons?! Dude, you just blew my mind. (In a good way)
Cool man, just cool.
Okay that's it. Goodbye.

Hey, it's me, Naomi again. I am bored so I am posting more stuff. I found some pretty good Simpsons quotes online, so here they are...


Good ol' Grampa!

Ok, I saw this and I was like, "What?" Anyway, I think it's funny...

And dead. Well, I couldn't have put it better myself.

That makes it better...
Simpsons. We love 'em.

Hi diddly ho diddly neighborinos! It is I, the ever lovely Naomi. Anyway...

Who loves Reverend Lovejoy, raise your hands!!!

Um... never mind.

Okay, well, I love Reverend Lovejoy. Almost as much as I love Ned. Because, let's face it, when Ned's not, Reverend's hot... Okay, that probably sounded cooler in my head but whatever, I'm too lazy for backspace...

I don't know what it is, maybe I have a thing for religious guys. Okay, I know I have a thing for religious guys, but that's beside the point. And Reverend Lovejoy loves trains, which I don't know, I think it's cool. And it's funny when he goes "Damn Flanders." I dunno, I think it's funny.

And btw, if Homer hates Ned and Reverend hates Ned they should really do an episode where Lovejoy and Homer become friends. Anybody else agree? Eh, I don't care.

Alright... well, that is all...

For now!!!!

Hey it's Blair and Naomi here! Wassup players?! We have recently noticed an influx of viewers from ahem, awkward...
Anyway, as we are Ned Flanders girlfriends, we feel that Ned wouldn't necessarily approve of such a website.
Of course, it is not our business what  you do in your free time, but as we are good christian girls, we are just asking that you take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Is this really who I want to be?" If the answer is yes, then we have nothing to say to you. But if the answer is no, then we support you whole-heartedly in your journey to become a good person.
Thank you for visiting, please come again.

you know those marshmellow peeps? they are really good! yay!!!! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

hello guys!! its Blair!!
So i dont know your veiws on Mr. Burns but personally I think he's a little creepy. yah so thats really all this is about i saw this picture and wanted to share it!!
Wait, we did? Hello darlings, it is I, Naomi. I was just checking out the blog when I noticed Blair's post. You made us a Facebook? Sweet, it's about time! Alright everybody, check it out!!!